Linguistic profiling is a real issue, yet not many people are aware of it. When considering how to tackle this problem, we turned to humor. In the spirit of SNL using "Black Jeopardy" to confront racism, we created the satirical product, Vocal Cloak. It is a voice modulator that changes any accent into a non-threatening "white voice," sure to trick any racist on the other end. 


| full 2min commercial


| the impact of linguistic profiling

It’s unacceptable to be judged based on skin color, the same with the way you speak. Problem is, many people aren’t even aware that they often subconsciously judge based on language. Let's take a deeper look at this issue.


| how to introduce

Besides the full 2 min commercial, we will also roll out the product through two connected spots on Youtube.


| 60s video

Setting up the debut of Vocal Cloak on QBC and links to the 30s video.

| 30s video

Let's check out how the product works when talking to the fellas at Wabash Savings Bank.


| process of making

Here are the detail shots of all the props we made for this video.




Will Bareford | Copywriter

Mike Cardemone | Copywriter

Frank Garguilo | Art Director

My role:

Concept ideation

Logo and product design

Filming and editing