Salvador Dalí once described his paintings as “hand painted dream photographs.” The painting of his exemplifies this philosophy. As a vivid dreamer, I can relate to the idea of drawing inspiration from dreams. However, these creative productions of our brain tend to slip away quickly when we wake up. To help people remember their dreams, we’ve designed Vivid, an app that lets you record your dreams in a visual form.



| key features

Vivid serves two main functions: alarm system and visual dream journaling. Examined here is how users would use Vivid as an alarm and record their dreams instantly when they wake up. 

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| the future

Vivid also has a more advanced feature - dream trends, to see the trend of your dreams. You can even sync the journal entries with your calendar to see how your dreams reflect your life. This way, you can know yourself better.

With the development of AI technology, Vivid might even be able to predict your future dreams by analyzing your dream patterns and calendar events. 



| overview

Here are all the frames included in making this app. 

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| full interface

This chart will take you through the whole application experience. 

| process of making

Several nights' work condensed on a white board. 


My role:

Concept ideation

UX + UI design

Logo design

User journey mapping



My partner and I switched roles for this project. It was fun to dabble into a different field and practice my user experience design skills.

Yanci Wu | Experience Designer