In a world where most retail brands are struggling, TJ Maxx has managed to grow its retail presence. Why are they so successful? Because they understand what their customers want - actual, no bullshit, great deals. 


| print

tagline: America can't resist a deal.

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| digital

To reach bargain shoppers where they are, we’re placing banner ads on websites like Expedia and Priceline. The three destinations we have here are, you guessed it, New Orleans, New York City and Alaska.

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| in-store messaging

We will put a special speaker on the security tag of the best deal of the day. Audio will play when the cashier takes off the tag at checkout.

Click to hear what the security tag has to say.


| the swag

For those smart shoppers that got the "deal of the day", they will get one of these free TJ Maxx totes.


| the deal booth

A photo booth to to show off the great deals you got.

| more social

Share the photo using #AmericaCantResistADeal, and get a coupon for your next purchase.


Listened to too many Cab Calloway songs while working with

Lizzy Hopkinson | copywriter