Tetra is the leading aquarium and fish food supplier. When tasked to change the stale image of the brand and boost sales, we decided to sell the hobby of fishkeeping first. How? By helping people realize that creating and maintaining an aquarium makes you feel like the God of a tiny universe. 


| manifesto

40 second video introducing the idea of an Aquaverse


| rebranding

It is not easy to change the branding of a company that has been the category leader for more than 60 years. However, when a makeover is due, you know it. 


| packaging design

All the Tetra products are divided into three distinct shapes based on their categories. The packaging follows the new branding color choice. This simple move will help the products stand out among its competitors, effortlessly. 


| product innovation

The new pepper grinder shaped packaging design makes sure your fish’s food is fresh and keeps your fingers clean. By selecting how much food is released, you also don't have to worry about overfeeding your fish anymore. 


Notice the circle above the Tetra logo have two different colors? It is to indicate weather the food is for tropical fish or non-tropical fish.


| more product innovation

Can't find your dream decoration in pet stores? Use Safe Clay to build the decorations in your dream and spray on the Safe Coat to make sure everything is fish-friendly.


| virtual reality

The biggest problem with fishkeeping is that fishkeepers can't interact with their fish closely. 


TetraSwim, a chapstick sized submarine with a build-in camera is our innovative solution for better human-fish interaction.

Link the TetraSwim with a VR device, or simply live streamed the image on your phone or computer. Use the remote control to guide the sub. 

Now you can enjoy the view of your Aquaverse any time you want!


| TetraSwim in aquariums

A larger form of TetraSwim will be placed in aquariums with a viewing booth. Visitors can enjoy the VR experience without the VR device. 



tag: the leading aquarium and fish food supplier 



A microsite for customers to hand pick the fish and decorations. 


User can instantly share the finished tank to social media, operating as native content and advertising.


With the amazing - team Aquapod:

Tony Avila | Art Director

Caroline Gallalee | Copywriter

Troy Gary | Creative Brand Management

Eric Anderson | Strategist

Yanci Wu | Experience Designer

* click here to see a wild Aquapod, click here to see a newly born Aquapod, and if you really feel like it, click here to see what people would do with it.

My role:

Concept development

Rebranding - Logo and packaging design

Product innovation

3D modeling and animation

Endcap design



Best In Show - Richmond Ad Show - Student Category, 2017

Shoutout in Richmond BizSense