I tried online dating when I was living in SF, because Woody Allen said "If you can't fall in love in San Francisco, you can't fall in love anywhere." As it turns out, it was silly to listen to Woody. 

I went on 12 different dates over the summer, and have a blurb for each one.

no.1  “What happened was special.”

no.2  “Sorry, I have to use the bathroom.”

no. 3 “Dang.”

no. 4 “It’s okay. I’ve seen weirder.” 

no. 5 “So when do i get to be the cream to your sundae?”

no. 6 “Yeah, i’m awesome.” 

no. 7 He’s got the energy level of a vegetable.

no. 8 “My uncle and auntie got married in their 50s.”

no. 9  “Oh, are you supposed to meet Paul?”

no. 10 “She baked me cookies.”

no. 11 “I’d like to marry you. I am willing to pay you a large amount of money.”

no. 12  “hello???”

And this is the last day of summer.


Note to people searching for love in San Francisco:

SF might not be the right place to fall in love, but it is the place to be your weirdest self.